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Quote and Make Your Design Upload your 3D model here to receive a free quote for your design.


Lightweighting Autonomous topology optimization and generative lightweighting design, empowers you to optimize your model for 3D printing in minutes.


Localization 25 global Prime Partners to meet your manufacturing needs. Apply here to become a local Prime Parter with Techniplas.


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About Prime

Techniplas Prime is a proprietary e-manufacturing platform that leverages Techniplas’ core engineering expertise and manufacturing facilities together with dozens of its qualified manufacturing partners and new additive and generative technologies to fulfill orders placed through its new platform worldwide. It is the first to provide automated lightweighting solutions, additive manufacturing options with instant pricing quotations and localized manufacturing, and is the only one-stop shop automotive design-to-manufacturing service that instantly connects engineers and designers to the optimal manufacturing solution at the best price across a wide range of capabilities worldwide.

Through its decades long proven process, Techniplas Prime manages each project from its pre-production stage through tooling, manufacturing, final inspection and product delivery at OEM’s production quality and scale throughout the entire automotive life cycle. With Techniplas Prime, automotive developers can for the first time upload their 3D model online, request and receive automated generative lightweighting design services as well as get a pricing quote in matter of minutes. Techniplas Prime also provides comprehensive project design and manufacturing services that include design optimization, inception and production injection molding tooling, additive manufacturing options and design for manufacturability services. The result is the first and only automotive e-manufacturing platform that provides expert resource, logistics and capacity optimization throughout the entire product’s life cycle the world over.